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Details of NC400

Volume policy: The NC400 is expressly designed for DIY Hi-Fi enthusiasts and is sold directly to the end customer. Volume discounts are not given and OEM sales are not solicited.


The NC400 is the ultimate DIY-friendly incarnation of Hypex' ground breaking Ncore technology.


- Active speakers and stand-alone power amplifiers

- Transparent, fully discrete input circuitry
- HxR style regulators on board
- Differential inputs with high common-mode impedance
- Overcurrent protection
- Supply overvoltage/undervoltage protection on all rails

Key electrical data
- Rated output power 400W/4ohm
- HV bus voltage +/-35V to +/-72V
- Small signal supply voltage +/-14.5V to +/-25V
- Optional drive voltage: 16V to 25V referred to negative HV bus
- Maximum output current: 24A

Key mechanical data
- Diameter 88mm
- Height 33mm
- Weight 200g
- 3+3 holes for bottom-up and top-down mounting

Cable set included:
- 50cm Molex 43025-0400 to Shielded Low Noise cable and nAMPON wire.
- 50cm Molex 43025-1200 to 12x 20AGW wire.

Mounting set included.


Price: EUR 325,00 excl. VAT

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