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Details of NC400 mono kit

NC400 mono kit
*** currently out of stock, new stock expected by end of June ***

Volume policy: The NC400 is expressly designed for DIY Hi-Fi enthousiasts and is sold directly to the end customer. Volume discounts are not given and OEM sales are not solicited.

The NC400 is the ultimate DIY-friendly incarnation of Hypex' ground breaking Ncore technology. To make this even easier we now have the NC400 in a mono kit form.
You only need two of these kits to complete your dual mono high-end sound system.

All parts are included except for the mains cable as this differs for every country.


This kit contains:
- Hypex DIY mono case
- NC400
- SMPS600
- Power connector euro fused (incl. 5 AT fuses)
- Switch on-off
- Binding post clear
- Signal cable with XLR female chassis
- Internal speaker wires
- Internal mains wires
- Protective earth cable
- All needed bolts

Internal size: 193mm(W) x 58mm(H) x 265mm(D)
External size: 200mm(W) x 79mm(H) x 280mm(D)
(size incl feet, excl connectors)

Check this youtube review:

NC400 mono kit Review

Price: EUR 650,00 excl. VAT

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