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Details of SMPS1200A400 -> 2x NC400 Connnection kit

SMPS1200A400 -> 2x NC400 Connnection kit
With this set one can easily connect two NC400's to one SMPS1200A400. The connection PCB schematic and layout optimized to ensure a stable power supply for your NC400's.


This set includes:
- 1 Connection PCB
- 2 20cm Molex 43025-1200 to Molex 43025-1200 cable assembly
- 1 24cm JST VLP-06V to JST VLP-06V cable assembly
- 1 30cm 10-pole flatcable

Optionally you can buy the 10mm spacer set to easily mount the PCBA.

This set does not include SMPS mains cables or NC400 signal cables.

Connection scheme

Price: EUR 30,00 excl. VAT

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