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Fusion Mounting Screws
The FusionAmp models must be mounted into the speaker cabinet with 8 or 10 screws. This set contains 10 selftapping, black, Phillips head ...    More info

Price: EUR 2,99 excl. VAT

Hypex DSP Software CD
This CD contains Hypex Filter Design, the software suite needed to configure the DLCP, PSC, AS, DS and the FusionAmp series. Software is onl ...    More info

Price: EUR 1,00 excl. VAT

Hypex Remote control
The Hypex Remote control is a remote control which can be used in combination with the AS2.100 and DLCP to control volume, source and put th ...    More info

Price: EUR 10,00 excl. VAT

Hypex Sticker
This sticker of Hypex can be used on your case or other product where Hypex products are used. Show others what modules you have used to bui ...    More info

Price: EUR 2,50 excl. VAT

Spacer set
These spacers can be used with the SMPS400 and UcD3xMP's to ensure that the minimum safety clearance requirements are met.    More info

Price: EUR 3,00 excl. VAT

USB cable
With this USB cable you can connect the PSC2 series plate amplifier or DLCP add-on set to your PC.    More info

Price: EUR 2,99 excl. VAT